Sunday, May 1, 2011

From faux chav to green goddess...


Glamorous: The Duchess of Cambridge's only sister has become an overnight sensation following her sister's wedding to Prince William

A life can change in a moment. And certainly something seismic happened to Pippa Middleton when she stepped out of the car at Westminster Abbey.

As far as the world is concerned, it was BC and AD. Before the Church, then After the Dress.

Yes, Kate’s glorious bridal gown rightly grabbed all the headlines. But smoking hot on her heels was lil’ sis, poured into a column of buttermilk satin, in a button-backed dress that was tighter than a coat of paint.

Party girl: Pippa Middleton is almost unrecognisable from her University days. She loves fancy dress

After all, her role as maid of honour was a secondary one. Hold the bouquet, keep smiling, don’t let the bride get spinach on her teeth.

Most importantly, she had to attend to a majestic bridal train that was almost nine feet long. A duty that required a lot of bending over.

So if you have to do this in front of a global audience of billions, you might as well bunny dip in an unforgettable frock that is going to maximise your best asset.

Mince, mince, mince, dip, dip, dip, she went; our glorious Pippa the Big Dipper. Not since the first Panzer tank turned and fled at the battle of El Alamein has a rear end made such an impression on the world.

The impact has been incredible. So much so it is no exaggeration to say everything has changed for Pippa.

Fun: Pippa sports a Burberry cap and a fake barbed wire tattoo to pose as a chav.

Rear of the year: Pippa Middleton's rear became one of the most talked about things on the internet

In one shake of a tail feather, she has become a global celebrity, a household name and one of the most talked about people at the wedding of the century. More than that, she is now one of the most eligible women in the world.

For in the three days since the wedding, her stock has soared a million-fold. She’s in big, big demand.

American magazines will want to put her on their covers, fashion designers will want her to wear their creations and dukes will be queuing up to marry her.

Not to mention the swarms of rogues and rascals who will want to distil some of that royal potency for their own dastardly ends.

Her Royal Hotness: The 27-year-old has received a huge amount of attention since she was her sister's bridesmaid

Joker: Even Prince Harry couldn't resist trying to charm the younger sibling of his new sister-in-law

I'll be back: Pippa Middleton leaves the Goring Hotel with her family after her sister's wedding but is sure to be in the spotlight again

Pippa Middleton's HOT Ass Video

source: dailymail

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