Monday, May 2, 2011

Audrina Patridge Talks Her Show, Love Life

On The Hills, beauty Audrina Patridge often seemed a bit, well, shallow. But on her new reality series, Audrina, viewers will get to really know the foxy model and actress as she pursues her career and interacts with her bombastic family. “Our family is open about everything. We don’t hold back,” says Audrina of the Orange County, Calif.–based clan.

Q: How’s your show different from The Hills?
It’s about the glitz and glamour of my life in Hollywood, but it’s also about my crazy, fun-loving parents, two sisters and brother, who keep me grounded.

Q: Why have them on the show?
I love my family more than life itself. It will show how supportive and opinionated they are, especially at our dinners.

Q: Will we see your breakup from pro BMX biker Corey Bohan?
The season ends with us breaking up. Some stuff that went down wasn’t on camera, but I explain what went on.

Q: Are you dating anyone?
I’m single, so if we get a second season, who knows who I’ll meet!

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